Deathwing Cometh

By: Damian Lampl - 10/18/2010 12:03:05 PM

I don't get it, Blizzard.  I really don't.  We're supposed to HATE the villains in your games, no?  Rar, rar, Illidan hanging out not bothering anyone in a castle in another dimension.  Rar, rar, Arthas killing humans.  Rar, rar, Putress killing everything.  Seriously.  Illidan is cool and simply misguided, Arthas* is one of my favorite characters in the history of Warcraft, and even Putress is likeable if for no other reasons than his voice and whatever he has going on for a head.  So I'm sorry to continue pulling for the "evil" team, but Deathwing is f---ing AWESOME!  With all capital letters and an exclamation point AWESOME!

How can anyone not love this thing?  First off, he's a dragon.  That alone is enough to push his awesome cred through the roof (or crust of Azeroth if you want to get all technical).  But throw in his endless rage, a lower jaw made out of who knows what, and the fact his internal organs are LAVA, Deathwing is easily the most awesome character Warcraft has ever known.  And I, for one, refuse to kill the guy once his raid is available.

I mean no offense, Garrosh.  I can see your potential as a leader, but not even Thrall would have been able to coax me into battle against ol' Deathy, and I would have followed him to kill Arthas (had I been brave enough to enter a dungeon with nine nerd-raging kids hopped up on Mt. Dew).  But The Worldbreaker is entirely too f---ing AWESOME to kill.  Azeroth is just going to have to suck it up and burn.

I realize siding with Deathwing will probably put a strain on my relationship with Alexstrasza considering the unspeakable horrors he put her through, but she probably knows about the late nights with Sylvanas anyway so the writing was kind of on the wall.  But she's always been incredibly persuasive so who knows how things will play out once Cataclysm hits...

* I finally got an Alliance toon to Northrend recently and count myself among the few "persistent or stupid" individuals who had so much fun getting "popped" by the Lich King in Wyrmskull Village that I had a beautiful pile of corpses stacked up where he turned me into a stain on the ground.  Why?  Because getting killed by the Lich King is FUN.  So if you're one of the idiots who thinks Blizzard gives Horde preferential treatment, you're... an idiot.  No fewer than eight of my hordies have practically (ok, maybe literally) begged the Lich King to kill them during various cameos throughout Northrend without so much as a verbal scolding.  And here he is doling out the one-shots to any ally within range.  So tell me honestly, idiots, who does Blizzard REALLY love?





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