Previously collecting dust as yet another domain lying around eating up registration fees for the past who-knows-how-many years, Portentous Dream has finally come to fruition. Had it not been for the whim of throwing a submission in the general direction of WoW.com during an open call for the warlock class columnist, this site would probably still just have the old skull staring blankly back at your mug; nothing more, nothing less.

Turns out, writing about World of Warcraft from the perspective of an undead warlock, and just writing about the game in general is a ton of fun. Having always been infinitely more adept at writing than speaking and/or interacting with humans, coupled with a sincere passion for Warcraft, this just seemed like a perfect fit.

The core of the site will likely be Ritual of Chaos for quite a while. It's definitely the site's backbone and most fun aspect to produce.

The site also serves as a constant experiment for better ways to build and improve websites through the custom programming of Lampl Enterprises.


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Ritual of Chaos

Delve into the void known as the warped mind of an undead warlock on a weekly pseudo-random basis. WARNING: Not for the squeemish or faint of heart.

Latest Chaos:

Skaynk the Infinite

Follow the trials and tribulations of a skank named Skaynk and her loyal band of Homonyms. WARNING: Not for soulless prudes.

Latest Skaynkiness:

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