What's with the title bar?
Annoying, huh? Glad you enjoy it.
Why are all the comment avatars a stupid-looking skull?
It was my first time drawing a skull way back in high school, and then scanned and colored in college using Photoshop on a frickin hockey puck Mac (it has a halo of fire and blood dripping out of its eye socket; looks somewhat cool in color) so it holds sentimental value for me. Some day you'll be able to upload your own avatar. NOTE: it's a different skull than the one in the header; that one is Blizzard's art from Warcraft III.
Who designed the site?
Lampl Enterprises, Inc. (shamelss plug), with most of the original graphics provided by the Blizzard Fansite Kits and other Blizzard artwork before bastardization. But Lampl Enterprises (another shameless plug) specializes in development, not design. They have a whole list of agencies and individuals (quasi shameless plug) they partner with if you're looking for award-winning professional design services.
It looks like shit in IE 5/6.
Evolve. Or at the very least, upgrade to a supported version of your browser.
The content area is too narrow.
L2Scroll Noob.
How did you [insert functionality aspect of site]?
It's all custom programming and content layout by Lampl Enterprises, Inc (how many shameless plugs is that?) except for the cool mouseover spell details are provided by Wowhead.
Are you using WordPress/Expression Engine/[CMS]?
Nope. Straight up custom programming, like, from scratch and stuff; although Lampl Enterprises (it's starting to get ridiculous now) will implement third-party CMS if required by a client.
[aspect of site] is broken, what's the deal?
Full functionality will be achieved shortly. Yay. Please consider the site to be in the never-ending beta stage Google uses for everything they do. Thank you for your patience.
My comment doesn't show up when I submit it!
You need to verify it first; you should have received an email for that. Just click the link.
The comment jumps around after I vote, it's annoying!
Someday votes will be handled with AJAX, thanks for your patience.
The buttons disappear after I vote for a comment!
They'll automagically reappear tomorrow so you can vote for that comment again if you really like/hate it that much.
I can't vote for a comment anymore!
It's not working properly so I disabled it.
I can't comment anymore!
Sad case of a few dumbfucks ruining the fun for everyone. I got sick of the spam and it's not worth my time to piss around with it so I'm simply done.
I can't report a comment as inappropriate!
Recommended solution: don't read it.
I got an email for verifying my user account but it doesn't work!
It's not implemented yet.
How do I advertise on your site?
Use the contact form, we'll get something worked out.
Where do you get all the photos you use for the articles?
They're all screenshots accumulated from tooling around the game since the it was in beta.
Won't you run out?
Probably not any time soon; there's somewhere around 6,000 and counting on a couple hard drives to choose from.
What are the names of your characters?
There's more than 50 spread over two accounts and that number will be growing when Cataclysm comes out; would you like the full list?
What's the name of the toon you use for Ritual of Chaos?
It's a secret.
You're wasting your existence on a video game! Get a life, loser.
You're awesome!
Could you send me a photo of yourself?
Possibly, but only if you first send proof of being a gorgeous, single hot chick in your thirties. All prerequisites waived if you happen to be Summer Altice. (OBLIGATORY NSFW DISCLAIMER: the link will take you to a drawing I did a while ago but for those unaware, Summer Altice happens to be a steaming hot Playboy Playmate, so you can connect the dots as to what you'll find if you click; and if not, you'll be treated to the beauty of perfection that is the female body)





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